Why isn't my migrated website appearing on Google index?

Why isn't my migrated website appearing on Google index?

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A month ago I migrated my website from WordPress to Shopify. However, I am unable to see my google index page. I have submitted a sitemap as well as url inspection but the website is not indexing. Can anyone help me to provide the best solutions to index my website as soon as possible?


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Hi @Saeedflowers Please provide store url?

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Please check  leronzaflowers.com

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Hello @Saeedflowers,


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You are right. I did a site:leronzaflowers.com and no URLs are Found on Google.

I would advise some steps you can take to ensure your site gets indexed properly.

1. Verify Site Ownership
Make sure you have verified your website ownership in Google Search Console. This allows you to access important tools and reports for your website.


2. Website Crawlability
Confirm that your website is crawlable by search engines. Check for any issues such as incorrect redirects, broken links, or JavaScript-rendered content that may prevent search engines from properly accessing and indexing your site.


3. Content Quality
Ensure that your website has high-quality, unique content. Google prioritizes valuable and original content, so make sure each page provides relevant information to users. Avoid duplicate content or thin pages.


4. Page Titles and Meta Descriptions
Optimize your page titles and meta descriptions to accurately describe the content on each page. This helps search engines understand what your pages are about and improves the chances of them appearing in search results.


I noticed your product titles are not SEO-friendly. Add relevant keywords to the title.

BEST FRUIT TREE – Leronzaflowers 2023-05-11 10-58-56.png


Also, product description is missing for products like https://leronzaflowers.com/collections/vases/products/fruit-tree

Make your product pages more informative by adding detailed product descriptions that outline the features and benefits of your products. Providing this valuable information can help increase customer engagement and encourage sales.


5. Backlinks
Build quality backlinks to your website. Getting links from reputable and relevant websites can improve your website's visibility and increase the chances of it getting indexed by Google.


6. Social Media Presence
Promote your website on social media platforms to increase its visibility and potential for indexing. Sharing links and engaging with your audience can help search engines discover your site.


7. Patience and Monitoring
Keep in mind that indexing can take time, and it may take several weeks for your website to appear in search results. Monitor your website's performance in Google Search Console and look for any crawl or indexing errors that need attention.

Remember that search engine optimization is an ongoing process, and it takes time for search engines to discover and index new websites. By following these steps and consistently providing valuable content, you can increase the chances of your website being indexed by Google and appearing in search results.


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Have you sent the url through Google search console?

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