Why isn't my pixel detecting the 'complete order' button after checkout?

Why isn't my pixel detecting the 'complete order' button after checkout?

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I am adding pixel to my store. It is working on every page but not detecting button after cgeckout page so i am not able to track purchase as pixel is not detecting "complete order" button.

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If your Facebook Pixel is not tracking the "Complete Order" button on the checkout page of your Shopify store, there are a few potential reasons for this issue.

1. Double-check that you have correctly implemented the Facebook Pixel code on your Shopify store. Make sure the Pixel code is present on all relevant pages, including the checkout page. You can verify this by viewing the page source code or using browser developer tools.

2. Ensure that the "Complete Order" event is properly set up in your Facebook Events Manager. Verify that the event is active, has the correct parameters, and is associated with the correct pixel ID. Review your event setup to ensure it matches the specific button or action on the checkout page you want to track.

3. Use the Facebook Pixel Helper browser extension (available for Chrome) to troubleshoot pixel tracking. Open the checkout page and see if the "Complete Order" event fires when you proceed with a test purchase. The Pixel Helper will provide information about any errors or warnings that may be preventing the event from tracking properly.

4. Ensure that there are no other scripts or apps on your checkout page that might interfere with the firing of the "Complete Order" event. Sometimes, third-party scripts or custom code can conflict with the Facebook Pixel, preventing it from functioning correctly.

5. Verify that your Shopify store settings are properly configured to allow Facebook Pixel tracking. Go to your Shopify admin, navigate to Settings > Checkout > Order processing, and ensure that the "Thank you page" option is selected. This setting is necessary to track the "Complete Order" event.

6. Try testing the checkout process and Pixel tracking using a different browser or device. This can help identify if the issue is specific to a particular environment.

If the issue persists, it's recommended to contact Shopify Support for further assistance. They can investigate your specific setup and help troubleshoot any potential technical issues.

By following these steps, you should be able to identify and resolve any issues preventing the Facebook Pixel from tracking the "Complete Order" button on your Shopify store's checkout page.

You can refer to this Shopify blog on setting up Facebook pixel


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