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Why The Dry Spell?

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I need honest and constructive 3rd party app suggestions, no telling me "great site just keep your head up."

We are finally at a point where our products are of great quality. We took some time to develop our product and spent more time and mooney on production to enure quality pieces. We tweaked our website to look appealing and trustworthy. pics, blogs, articles, tips, FAQ section, social media, about us - so u know we are real people, real reviews from yotpo, regular emails through Klaviyo, etc.

People who have seen/touched/worn our products love them and say "wow you guys mus be doing really well, selling out really fast because of the quality and price point."

Influencers like, wear and share our stuff all the time. Shannon Sharpe from fox sports wears our stuff, our stuff was worn at the royal wedding, people from all over the world have bought our stuff. We have a diverse customer base and thats evident on our instagram feed.

With all this...we launched our newest and best collections and....crickets.

our prices are almost unbeatable; but it seems like i only make lots of sales when we have clearance sales. We've compared our products to whats in "big name" stores and to be honest...our stuff is either on par or better.

I guess throught my rant and venting, my question is...what does it take to become a preferred brand? Am I at a point where my next and only hope is throwing thousands of dollars at adwords and FB ads?

Any real marketer on here willing to offer some proven strategies that will work formy business?

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Brand awareness is something you need to look into. People don't just choose a product because of the price, quality, but also the popularity of the brand, ie the brand awareness.

I recommend you look into advertising on display, video and social. Keep connecting with the target audience.

You can do only so much using a limited budget.

For any merchant who wants to sell, I recommend researching your competitors and analyze with great detail, why they are doing well.

Merchants buy traffic because it is traffic that converts, if you are going for free or cheap traffic, then most likely will not have a buy intent traffic.

Each business and merchant is different, what works in one account does not always work on another, so research, experiments, analyze is key to success.

I wish you the best of luck.

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Hi there! Great to see your business still up and running. I can suggest a website critique if you are looking for a serious, in-depth analysis. You can choose from a text or a video review. Click the link below to invest in your site review now: 

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I can help with the influencer strategy you mentioned. 

I took a look at your Instagram page and your e-com site. If you already have a ton of influencers wearing your product/brand, that's HUGE. Also, I can think of a few ways that are free but will optimize your influencer marketing strategy.

Also, keep in mind that influencer marketing isn't a silver bullet. I hope other members will respond to your thread with some suggestions.  

1. Create an "Inbound" form for influencers to fill out if they want to become a partner on your ecom site. It can just a simple Typeform link like the one that Daily Harvest has: 


2. #Regram the photos of the influencers who have worn your ties/pins! Feature them on your Instagram, FILL IT up! It shows street cred with influencers and ultimately gains the trust of their audiences.

3. Are the influencers doing their part? As in are they: tagging you, mentioning you in the caption, promoting a discount code etc? 


Happy to chat more. You can also see in my signature I'm looking to interview more store owners about their biggest pains with influencer marketing and in return we spend 15 minutes talking personalized strategy, all free and no strings attached! My email is

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Yep, dry spells are the worst. Sorry to hear it!

Fortunately, it's a super exciting time in the world of digital marketing right now.

Here's something that might help you out of your slump.

Google just made a product announcement about their responsive search ads. It combines machine learning with variables that you input to dynamically generate the perfect ad.  

I won’t get too technical here, but here’s the bottom line: This changes the game with how ad copy is handled. The fact that Google is giving so much more space to these ads means that early adopters can win big with 5%-15% higher CTR.

Anyway, we wrote a longer post about this if you want to learn more:

Hope that adds to the conversation! See ya and good luck

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