Will deleting international marketplaces from our site cause SEO issues?

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We have published four other marketplaces (Germany, Spain etc) on our Shopify UK website. We just want to focus on the UK marketplace. If we remove these international marketplaces is it going to cause 404 errors or any other SEO-related issues?


Are there any benefits to keeping the international markets published and if so what are they?



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Hello @Skhann,

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If you remove the international marketplaces (Germany, Spain, etc.) from your Shopify website and only focus on the UK marketplace, it can potentially lead to SEO-related issues if not handled properly. Here are some considerations.

1. 404 Errors
If you simply remove the pages for the international marketplaces without any proper redirection in place, it will likely result in 404 errors when users or search engines try to access those pages. This can have a negative impact on your SEO since search engines might interpret it as a sign of poor website maintenance and relevancy.

2. Loss of Rankings
If the international marketplace pages had gained any search engine rankings, organic traffic, or backlinks, removing them could lead to a loss of these benefits. The more pages a website has with relevant content, the more opportunities it has to rank for various keywords and attract organic traffic.

3. User Experience
Removing international marketplace options might also negatively affect the user experience, especially if you have visitors from those regions. Users might expect to find information about their local marketplaces, and removing them abruptly could lead to confusion and frustration.

4. Backlinks and Referral Traffic
If there are external websites linking to your international marketplace pages, removing those pages could result in lost referral traffic and potentially harm your backlink profile.

Below are some benefits of keeping International Marketplaces published.

1. SEO and Organic Traffic
Each additional marketplace page provides an opportunity to rank for region-specific keywords and attract organic traffic from those regions. This can lead to increased visibility and potential sales.

2. User Trust
Having multiple marketplaces listed can increase the trust of international customers, as they can see that you cater to their specific region. This might make them more likely to convert.

3. Localized Content
If you've created unique content for each international marketplace, such as localized product descriptions or pricing, this content could potentially attract users searching in those languages or regions.

4. Global Reach
Maintaining multiple marketplaces can allow you to tap into international markets and expand your customer base beyond the UK.

While focusing on the UK marketplace is a strategic decision, it's important to carefully plan the removal of international marketplaces to minimize SEO-related issues and provide a positive user experience.

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Hi @Skhann 


Deleting the other marketplaces will likely give you a 404 error. You will lose rankings and traffic gained by any of those marketplace pages. However, you can plan if you want to redirect those URLs to your existing products. You can also keep the other marketplaces, giving you global exposure and additional traffic to help your SEO. 


Hope this could help.


Sampy Mishra | Customer Success Manager @ AdNabu

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