Your thoughts on Dead YouTube Links as a way to direct free traffic?

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Your thoughts on Dead YouTube Links as a way to direct free traffic to your website from inactive domains?


That's a method I haven't heard of / tried myself before - finding inactive domains on YouTube {or other source, I imagine} with plenty of traffic, buying off this domain and redirect the incoming traffic to your own website. While it sounds intriguing, I am not sure how legit it is from Google standpoint. Your thoughts?

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He only talked about traffic. Which makes sense to me. If you managed to stumble on a high traffic relevant video where they linked to a domain that they stopped paying for and no one baught, then your in luck. I suspect you will have to spend a lot of time hunting for them. And then you have to make sure your new domain relates to the video and converts.

Ranking wise, there's no benefit. YouTube links are nofollow and therefore discounted from the ranking algorythms.

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