[Bug][Admin GraphQL] customerUpdate fails with "Customer tags is invalid"

[Bug][Admin GraphQL] customerUpdate fails with "Customer tags is invalid"

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This issue is very similar to this one [Bug][Admin GraphQL] updateOrder fails with "Order tags is invalid"  

First of all, Shopify's docs are a bit confusing. It marks tags as [String!], docs here

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 17.41.27.png


Input scheme also marks tags as an array of strings:

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 17.41.51.png

This is what GraphQL docs says about brackets and ! symbol:

We can use a type modifier to mark a type as a List, which indicates that this field will return an array of that type. In the schema language, this is denoted by wrapping the type in square brackets, [ and ]. It works the same for arguments, where the validation step will expect an array for that value.

The Non-Null and List modifiers can be combined. For example, you can have a List of Non-Null Strings:



myField: [String!]




But if you at the variables, tags looks like a plain string:
Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 17.42.17.png
Maybe it should be?



tags: []​ # empty array



instead of 



tags: "" # plain string



 I wonder.


There's also this example on how to update customer's tags. Tags are an array with a single plain string comma-separated



tags: ["Test tag, New tag"]



instead of an array of strings



tags: ["Test tag", "New tag"]




Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 17.43.40.png


I'm using the official ruby gem. I generated a scheme from 2021-10 version and I also found another description of what tags could be (though this is related to SubscriptionDraft):

Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 17.51.09.png


I wonder what Shopify understands by "a comma-separated list". By definition, it should be 



tags: ["Test tag", "New tag"] # array of strings



But in the docs, tags could be something else.

And finally, here's the error I'm getting when trying to update customer's tags by using those 2 tags formats:



tags: ["Test tag", "New tag"] # array of strings



tags: "Test tag, New tag" # plain string, something like array.join(", ")



Screen Shot 2022-01-18 at 17.45.07.png

The query was performed with these variables: 

{:input=>{:id=>"gid://shopify/Customer/customer_id", :tags=>"Smile VIP - Gold"}}

I don't know what make a tag invalid, what's wrong with the tags, or if I should try the third option - pass the tags as a 


tags: ["Tag 1, tag 2"] # array of string with single element



When I was passing tags as an array of strings, 100% of the mutation failed. Passing as a plain string, a few mutations work and a few, fail.


I'd like to add that, via Postman, I was able to update the customer's tag using either of the 3 formats. But in production environment, Shopify's GraphQL API will just throw this invalid tag error.


Appreciate if somebody could clarify why this error is happening and how tags should be passed.

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A few updates on this:
- We don't have a request ID since we're using the shopify_api gem and I couldn't find how to get this ID from the response body
Randomly, tags are refused by Shopify. When it happens, it’s only refused the first time, upon repeating the request a second time, it works. 

- We were passing tags as an array before, mutations failed with “{”field”:[“tags”],“message”:“Customer tags is invalid”}” error, and we updated to pass tags as a comma separated string and we still received the same error, randomly.