Publish product on all channels

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I'd like to be able to publish new products to all channels automatically or by API.


I understand this is possible with private apps on shopify plus, but I've not yet found a way of doing this without shopify plus.


I've also seen a few questions on here asking the similar things, but no responses from the Shopify team. AFAIK, setting `published = true` on the product will only publish to the online store, but I've not seen any answers about publishing to other channels like google, facebook etc.


So does anyone know if it's even possible to use either graphql or REST to publish products to all channels without a shopify plus account?

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I think this was a strategic business decision to push you into the Plus account.  Just like how they can't answer API questions in chat support, but they will direct you towards the Shopify Experts who know all the answers...for a price.