Add to cart/Buy buttons Disabled when changing variants

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I've never had problems that have been this crazy with my shopify stores, as recently I've had the issue with which anytime I changed product option, the buy buttons would go disabled.


Couldn't find a way to refresh/restart the site and store, and have gone through a fair bit of the forums to try find the problem. Also tried adding the GLOBE colour swatch app afterwards to see if it'd make any changes but so far none. 


If any help could be provided, it'd be much appreciated. 


Cheers, Akin Gian

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Hi @akingian ,


I just check your store seem any modification cause error in your global ka file.


You can check it by your own. Right click on screen and choose inspect element.


Choose console tab in opened window and change the variant.



To fix the issue.


You can revert your changes and check if issue is resolved.




start your customization from begining with scratch theme.




Hire someone who can fix this issue for you.


Hope it will helps....

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