Discount codes & Shipping rates

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We have a react-native mobile app connected to one of our shops.

In the past, when a user added a discount code in our application, the checkout would come with the correct shipping rate (for example, if you had to pay 10€ for orders below 25€, if the total of the order was 25€ and the user applied a 10% discount, making the total 22.5€, the shipping rate of 10€ would be applied.

Currently, the shipping rate is not being applied.


So for orders above 25€ (users don't pay shipping), if the user applies a discount code, making it less than 25€, the applied shipping rate will still be "Free".


Did something change on the shopify API regarding this?


If not, what is the best way to re-fetch the shipping rate for a specific checkout object?

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We would love to see this corrected, how can you offer free shipping on >$50 for example and a discount? Ultimately, free shipping should NOT be a code, but a shipping method so that merchants have the flexibility to offer promotions for Friends and Family options!