How to fetch shipping address Post Purchase

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I am new to Shopify app development. I want to Customize / add local delivery option in the shipping page and once the payment is successful I want to send the shipping address details via mail. I am trying to achieve it using checkout extension API.

I have few question which I have mentioned below:

Is it possible to fetch shipping address post purchase using Checkout extension API? If yes then how? or do we need to club it with some other API like order API.

Does Checkout extension API is only meant for frontend customization? Can we perform operations like fetching shipping addresses post purchase using checkout API?

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Hey @Anant_jain 

The Checkout Extension API in Shopify is primarily designed for customizing the checkout experience and adding additional functionality during the checkout process. It allows you to modify the appearance and behavior of the checkout page but does not provide direct access to shipping address information after the purchase is completed.


To fetch the shipping address details post-purchase, you will need to use other APIs like the Order API. After the payment is successful and an order is created, you can use the Order API to retrieve the shipping address information associated with that order.


Here's an overview of the process:

  1. Customize the checkout page using the Checkout Extension API to add the local delivery option. You can modify the frontend elements, add custom fields, or provide instructions specific to local delivery.

  2. Once the payment is successful and an order is created, you can use the Order API to retrieve the shipping address details. You will need to make API requests to fetch the order information, including the shipping address.

  3. After obtaining the shipping address, you can then process it as needed, such as sending it via email or performing any other required operations.

In summary, while the Checkout Extension API is suitable for customizing the frontend of the checkout page, you will need to utilize other APIs like the Order API to retrieve the shipping address details post-purchase and perform additional operations.


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@Moeed Is it possible/supported to club both Order API (fetching shipping address code) code and UI customization using Checkout extension API under the same application.