How to know when a user finishes checkout?

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Hi folks,

We're currently using the Storefront API to generate a Checkout object, obtaining its webUrl, and redirecting users to the web checkout flow. To measure conversion, we want to be able to track how many users actually finished the checkout.

I'm wondering what's the best way to do this... a few ways that come to mind:

1. We store Checkout ids on the frontend, and when the user visits our app again, we ping the Storefront API to check the latest status of each Checkout object.

2. We store Checkout ids on the backend, and use a cron job to periodically use the Storefront API (or Admin API?) to get check the latest status of the Checkout object.

3. Build our own checkout flow with the Storefront API (seems like an overkill)

4. Maybe there is some sort of webhook that can let us know?



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