looking for crypto payment gateway names as they appear in the api response

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We are use various webhook events that indicate a purchase and various details about it, including what payment gateway was used. Testing with Bitpay and Coinpayments.net is not a straight forward process. We were able to successfully test with Coinb*** Commerce and we can see through our tests that the gateway name is "coinb***_commerce".  ((note, the *** represent "a" "s"  & "e" since you can't use that word in a post here ¯\_(ツ)_/¯  ))


"gateway": "coinb***_commerce"

What are the gateway names for Bitpay and for Coinpayments.net as they appear in the webhook event API response (not as they appear in marketing documents)?


If there is a list of all the gateway names, that would be really helpful.


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