Storefront API third-party payment

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Hey everyone!

I was wondering if it possible to user another payment than webUrl, stripe or others...? 

I'm currently building a project for a client using Next.js and I need to use payGreen as payment service. 

payGreen is not available as module in spotify.

Is this possible to do this? 


Many thanks for your responses!

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So, I manage to create a checkout with shopify then create a payment with the payGreen API. 

Then, once the payment is finished (succeed or refused), a `returned_url` send the user to the app. 

The thing I want to know is that I want to complete the order in shopify. Should I use checkoutCompleteFree mutation ? 


Shopify Partner
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hi mlo, so did you use checkoutCompleteFree ?

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Did you manage to fix this issue, if so, how did you do it?