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Hey folks,

We're on the verge of submitting a new Sales Channel to Shopify. We've produced a 16x16 icon that follows the submission guidelines, but when it is uploaded it doesn't look right at all. Specifically, it looks like the size of the canvas is ignored in the SVG file so our icon shows up at the top-left of the icon's canvas

Not sure why, I've gone through the SVG code and ensured only the right elements and attributes are being used, and yet it still doesn't look right. Is there an SVG template I can use or any guidance on this because there's no other information on this topic

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Hey @batch_eyal 

Looks like you resolved this one? What was the issue?

Scott | Developer Advocate @ Shopify 

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Honestly looks like Figma’s export doesn’t play nice. 

i tried with Ai and ensured the SVG code didn’t contain any of the restricted tags and attributes and it worked. 

But of a black box

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Yea this is really weird, can't get it to work. My uploaded svgs show up in a very different way. Shopify, can you link to a tool to make this work easily?