How can I automate international shipping rates for dropshipping car items?

How can I automate international shipping rates for dropshipping car items?

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Hi everyone,

I started learning shopify about a 2-3 weeks ago and I have a question about shipping that bothers me. I got a website about cars ( it is international website, translated on more than 10 different languages ) and I would like to dropship car products from Aliexpress worldwide with Shopify. My primary selling continents are North America (USA,CA,MEX) and Europe(almost all European countries) but I would like also that people from Africa, South America, Asia and rest of the World could buy products on my site too. My customers would pay the shipping. 

My question is - is there an app which can pull shipping costs, location and delivery time automatically from aliexpress onto my site? or something like autocalculate shipping rate app? So when a user from Mexico orders on my site let's say car lights, he can choose on my site like on aliexpress different methods of shipping with different costs with different delivery times( EXAMPLE:  | aliship - 3$ - 10-20 days | or | fedex - 40$ - 10 days| or | cainiao super economy - FREE SHIPPING - 40-60 days| ).

I installed some thrird-party calculators but I am not sure what do they do, because I always get an error "Your cart has been updated and the items you added can't be shipped to your address. Remove the items to complete your order" . In my shipping settings rates I clicked on "Ship From Oberlo to The rest of the world" and then add rate i click "Use carrier or app to calculate rates" (I installed Intuitive Shipping app and I click done. That's it. But that doesn't work.


I could make FREE SHIPPING rate and manually select Rest Of The World and then dropship only lightweight items from 1 supplier and that would work fine.But I also need to sell some more heavy items on my website where customers would pay shipping and can choose shipping options like on aliexpress. How to do this? I thought oberlo would automatically pull shipping rates from aliexpress, so user can choose shipping methods on my site from aliexpress, because in the end I am not the one who is sending the product, but the supplier is.


I am pretty much stucked here and dont know what to do next.

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