How can I bulk update HS Codes and Country of Origin efficiently?

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Is there an efficient way to update / upload HS Codes and Country of Origin?  I would like to do a big edit using a CSV import using the Inventory CSV, but that is not updating the HS Codes or COO. And there isn't a section on the product CSV import for HS Codes and COO. 

A bulk edit is not as efficient for syncing with an ERP or WMS so ideally this would be possible using a csv update.  Could anyone elaborate on this please?


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Hello @kyle-LESTIEN,
 Are you using any 3rd party shipping carrier service in your Shopify store?

May I know your country of origin?

If you are using FedEx as your shipping carrier, I would suggest the Ship, Rate, and Track for FedEx app.

Where the app lets you import and export the product CSV file to download the details of the products in the inventory.
With the app, you can update HS code and while adding different locations(if you are having multiple warehouses) or a single location you can set the original location as a default.

You can update the HS code and COO within the app by editing the custom option of each product by adding the required credentials.

You can also generate all other documents like Commercial invoices, tax invoices, packing slips, etc. under the Advanced tab by choosing download documents for each order while creating a shipping label.

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I saw a post that these guys can help. They provide a hs code finder/lookup tool.