How can I display product prices in local currencies on IG Shop?

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My primary market is in Sweden, which forces me to use Swedish Krona as store currency. Yesterday I got eligible for IG shopping, but faced a problem while managing the product catalog. My real primary market is rather the whole EU, then just Sweden, but all my products in the IG catalog is now obviously displayed in Sweden's Currency. If I manually change the catalog prices to EUR, that means they won't be up-to-date, since my website's EUR prices change regularly due to currency rates. 

I would rather not change my official store currency, since this forces me to change my primary market to a country using EUR, and not the country where I'm located. 


Is there any way I can make the catalog prices display in local currencies, and automatically change based on the fixed prices in Swedish Krona (my store currency) and the latest exchange rates? 



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