How can I translate page URLs in Translate & Adapt app?

How can I translate page URLs in Translate & Adapt app?

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I have installed the Translate & Adapt app from Shopify. My default language is English and I added Garman.

How do I translate the page URLs? For example, one of my pages is /pages/car-rental and I would also like to have /pages/location-de-voiture

How to modify the "Page Title", "Description" and "URL and Handle" for the Search engine listing preview to have both languages? 

Also, Are they redirected automatically from the browser language? If they need to manually select their language, that's not the best option.


Thank you for your help!

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Hi @Shoaib7 , you can sign up for a beta of product URL translations here. However please note it only works for products and not pages, collections, or blog posts at the time of writing.


to modify SEO info you need to edit it in default language in admin so it becomes exposed to Translate & Adapt. Go to the product / page and edit as you see below:




And you'll then be able to edit the translations. Otherwise they inherit automatically from whatever you've written in the title and description.


There is not language automatic redirection, though it is being looked at. Using Shopify Markets and languages creates hreflangs which register with search engines the best version to see in search results based on your browser language. For customers who land on the 'wrong' experience, the Geolocation app is recommended to provide a recommendation pop up which directs them to the correct language experience.

To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.