How does Hreflang-data improve SEO for multilingual sites?

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Do you have versions of your site targeted different languages or regions?
No matter what platform and structure you use, a very important element to add is Hreflang-data!
  • With Hreflang you can help the search engines show the right version of your site to the right search users.
  • Hreflang-data will prevent duplicate content filtering and the SEO problems this can lead to
  • Also - something very few are aware of, by clustering your different language/regional pages with Hreflang you will transfer authority from the strong to the weaker (or newer) pages. This will make it more likely that they all rank well. That is very nice when you launch new language/regional (clone) sites
However, implementing Hreflang-data is not as easy as it may sound. Very often mistakes are made and that can really hurt your SEO.
I just did an interview with one of my good friends - and one of the worlds leading experts in Hreflang - Bill Hunt.
In the video we will talk about some of the many mistakes that are often made and how to prevent it.
Watch this, if you want to know more about Hreflang, multilingual sites and SEO ... 
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