How should I price my Print-on-demand products globally?

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Hello. I have chosen Printful as my Print-on-demand company for fulfilling the products of my stores. I am based in Australia and I am a member of an international society; so I am likely to have orders from overseas.


Since Printful has many fulfilment centres worldwide, I am struggling to settle on a specific strategy regarding pricing my products.

Should I factor in:

* the highest shipping rate for any odd country combination

+ factor in 30% discount for when I put my products on sale

+ the highest sales tax I am likely to encounter (which I think is 25% in some countries of the EU)?


Or is there a better way of doing it that doesn’t result in a super high retail price for my customers. 

Thanking you in advance.

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Hi GmNitai108, 


We can assist you with the tax compliance part and give you proposals for the logistics. 


When selling to Europe it is always good to display prices as inclusive of VAT despite the VAT varying from one country to another. Also, you should be prepared to collect VAT at checkout for single-action purchase, all post-purchase actions increase returns significantly. So register for IOSS and UK VAT. 


You could take the highest VAT into account with your basic pricing model. To retain price competitiveness you could consider pricing with your main markets VAT as starting point and just take the hit from the occasional sales to higher VAT countries. 


We are already very familiar with print-on-demand companies. 

EAS EU & UK Compliance app is a fully automated European VAT solution for Shopify.