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How to set up country-dependent multi-origin shipping?

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Can anyone help with how to set up multi-origin shipping that is dependant on country of sale? for example a US sale would ship from our US warehouse and an Australian sale would ship from our Australian warehouse. Thanks Amanda

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Hello @sojasleep 

  Nice to have you here,

Regards your question it is possible, but I will like to ask 

Are you dropshipping the product?


 If yes, that can be done from the details of the product all you have to do is to know the product that is for the USA audience and choose USA suppliers for the product, 

   But in this case, you will need a currency converter for the Australian audience because their dollar rate is different.


   But if the product is personal I will advise you to ship within your country and some neighborhood counties, because the shipping costs will be too high, or else you have a warehouse in Australia, which means you have to monitor both inventories. You can also do the same way I said earlier.


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Thanks for your reply. No we won't be drop shipping.

Essentially all Australian orders will be dispatched from our own Australian warehouse and all US orders will be dispatched from our own US warehouse. So, my question is how (if) we can set this up in Shopify.