Is an IOSS necessary for international package declaration at customs?

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I got an angry customer asking me for my IOSS so she can declare her package at customs? I've been selling internationally(including the EU) for about 2 years now and it's my first time being asked for one. She is claiming without it she cannot declare the package. Is the customs declaration form we use as the shipping label not enough? I did a google search and it looks like getting an IOSS is a whole registration process as well. Thing is I've also stated in my faqs I as the seller am not responsible for VAT and import custom fees. Is what she is claiming, not being able to declare the package without an IOSS, true? 

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Hi Shopwithroro, 


Bluntly, she is wrong. There is always a way to clear EU customs without the seller having an IOSS registration in place. You are probably selling Delivery Duty Unpaid, which means your customer is responsible for all customs, duty and handling fees. And that means they are and will remain unhappy which in turn causes increased returns and churn. 


We recommend 1. registering for IOSS, we make it easy and stress-free. Our application is here: 


2. talk to you logistics partner about arranging a Delivery Duty Paid solution. We can assist you with that also. 


But for now, try to keep your customer, discount or anything. Cheaper than returns.  


Do not ever give a wrong IOSS number, it will come and bite you eventually. And never, ever ever disclose your own IOSS number to anyone except your trusted logistics partner. 



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