Is there a submission form for app developers to access new Shopify Markets features?

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  For the new Shopify Markets features, is there a submission form dedicated for app developers?

  Our company needs to test the implications of this change on our end and I already applied with 2 stores (1 dev and 1 retail).

  I'm afraid that waiting for a random selection for the early access is not the best strategy. Also, if the selection is not random, but after a manual review of the stores, that can be even worse, because our test stores would probably not meet the criteria.

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Hey Alex, 

I'm jumping on your thread.

We as a company want to expand into international markets. We planned to open a second Shopify Shop in English which would lead to a lot of duplicate work. Now I'm not sure if it's worth to wait for Shopify Markets and try this first.

It would great to know more about planned release dates or if it's possible to get a peak into the solution to see if it matches our needs.

Hope to get some more information via this thread. 



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Just to add a voice to the same point - the lack of any

We're currently running our shop across 2 countries with a number of "workarounds" that should be resolved by the Markets feature (just judging from the short marketing pitch.)

We've applied for early access 2 weeks ago, with no feedback yet.