Re: Issue with Translation on Shopify Using Translate & Adapt

Issue with Translation on Shopify Using Translate & Adapt

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Hello, Shopify team, I encountered a problem when using Translate & Adapt. Most of the pages on the website have been successfully translated into Thai, but the "all collection" under the collection branch has not been translated at all. You can click on our webpage and try clicking on Thai in the upper right corner of the "ALL PRODUCTS" and "COMPANY" pages to see that it has not been translated into Thai.





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If you type translate in the search field at the top of the admin panel, you will access the settings of the application.

You can manually intervene in the translated parts from the application settings.

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Hi,team, thanks for your reply.

But In the settings interface of "Translate & Adapt," I couldn't find these two translation pages. For example, when I click on "collection" in the settings interface, the page it redirects to only contains these contents and does not have any other pages.



All pages that appear in the Translate & Adapt settings interface have been successfully translated. However, the two interfaces mentioned above("ALL PRODUCTS" and "COMPANY" ) do not appear in the Translate & Adapt settings interface, and I am unable to add them myself.

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Hi @Chemie , Translate & Adapt can translate all content save to Shopify databases. It's possible that this page was made in a way that does not save to Shopify, for example if you use to page builder to build this page that could be a reason that it is not translating.

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