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Multi-currency checkout

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Hi there

So I am facing 2 problems. I understand that shopify recently enabled multi-currency checkouts so I tried to to follow their guide, with no success.

(1) I am using Autoeketing's currency converter box to let my customers shop in their local currency. I have also enabled Shopify payments, added the regions, saw the rounding conditions for each country (but unable to change them as I am on the most basic plan). However, Shopify does not allow me to click on "save" at the rightmost bottom of the screen. What I have now is a store that allows customers to view the prices in their local currency to the nearest .99 (not some strange number like .33). But when they get to checkout, they are asked to checkout in my store's default currency SGD.  

(2) if I can get the themanove issue resolved, I run into another problem. I currently offer free shipping for orders above SGD150. How do I extend the same offer to all my international customers? One workaround would be to offer free shipping on all orders with 2 items and above. However, the shipping conditions on Shopify only manipulate the weight and price of products. 

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!


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