Tips from the team: How to bulk translate URLs

Tips from the team: How to bulk translate URLs

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This is Rich from the product team behind Translate & Adapt.


Earlier this week we launched a new feature - the ability to translate URLs. It's now available inside Translate & Adapt, and will be available via the API later in 2023. Head to the Translate & Adapt editor for the product, collection, page, or blog article you want to change the URL for and you'll see 'URL handle' and it can be updated there. You don't need to write in a hyphen between each word, or worry about capital letters; when you save with spaces it'll save down as lowercase, with no accents, and hyphenated.


We have not made URLs auto-translatable. This is because URLs are sensitive and we know that merchants want control. However, if you did want to translate lots of URLs, changing each one might take time. Here we wanted to show you one way you can bulk translate URLs quickly, using Google Translate:




To learn more visit the Shopify Help Center or the Community Blog.

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so great help.

I would like to inquire when this app will be able to translate content from other apps, such as other product review app.

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