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Traffic from all the wrong countries... help appreciated!

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Hi! I don't know if I'm posting in the right category, but here goes:

We have a shopify shop that's been active for about two years. Our shop is primarily geared to clients local to our area (Germany). However, for whatever reason we are receiving the bulk of our traffic from the United States. As flattering as the apparent international notoriety is, it seems kind of strange that so much of our traffic comes from so far away.

We are not currently running any paid advertising campaigns, and as far as I can tell, everything in our admin panel looks good (correct language, addresses, etc..) We don't even have any multi-lingual plugins active.

It's pretty clear on the front end that we are a small company catering to local clients in a very specific area... so why does 60% of our traffic come from the other side of the world??

I do not want to employ any country-blocking apps, or otherwise RESTRICT traffic- I just want to make sure that we are not missing some crucial something that is causing our website to show up in the wrong country- and worse still- possibly not showing up in the right country : )


Any help would be much appreciated.


shop in question:

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