Why are customers not buying from my Stripe gateway store?

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Hello, my friends!


I launched my store this week from Brazil to sell on US and in Canada. I’m using Stripe gateway since Shopify Payments doesn’t work in Brazil.


Im investing in paid traffic and there are people going to my store but not buying. I believe it’s a problem with my checkout.


Someone can help be understand if there is a problem? My store is geekloo.com


Thank you in advance!

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First of all, there could be dozens of reasons why you're not making sales, but I recommend trying the following steps first:


  1. If you have a friend in America or Canada, put a special product on your site for $0.10 and ask your friends to buy it. There might be issues with credit cards or Stripe.
  2. Activate the Hotjar or Yandex video recording feature on your site and recheck if there are really cases where payment cannot be made. Don't worry, sensitive information won't be shown to you.

Apart from this, there are dozens of other factors that need to be considered.


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