2 New Shopping Cart Check out Pages Needed - Have Design Work, Need HTML done

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Have a regular web guy that works on our project but would prefer someone with Shopify experience so I thought I'd try here!


Our store has 2 main products.  I'd love for the page when the customer adds 1 of these specific products to their cart to be completely customized and not look anything like the current design we have for shopify store.  Then they would precede to secure checkout from there. But I don't even want to give the option of continuing to shop, seeing any other tabs, etc.


Then for the second page, it would be a different design and be seen when the customer adds product #2 to the cart. Again, completely customized and not look anything like current design, etc.


I think this should be an easy project, I'm just hoping its possible! :)  I have the designs for the two pages (the header, footer graphics) just need the coding done on the page to make this happen and integrate with the Shopify checkout.


We currently have products going from a website (not our Shopify store) directly to being added in the shopping cart, just need a customized page so when they get there it looks like the page they just left.


Please email me at learnquilling@gmail.com if you think you can do this and estimated price. 



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There are two ways to achieve what you want. One is to keep your theme file on shopify empty, and add all the theme elements individually to each of your other pages. This is not very maintainable, as any changes you make to the theme later on - features or fixes - will have to be duplicated on every page.


Another way is to not host these two new pages on shopify, but serve them from your separate website. And use shopify's api in the background to process the checkout.


The cost will depend on which route you want to go. And also on how rich your design is for these pages. If you email me with the details, I can give you a quote.

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Neither of those are necessary. You simply need to create an alternate layout for both carts with a conditional based on something that is different about the two items.

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This is really simple honestly.

The ability to add multiple layouts is there to cover EXACTLY this sort of thing.


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