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I need to have a few custom fields added to the check-out page, i also need these fields to be required so the user can not just bypass them. 

Custom required fields: phone number, email address.
Optional Field: Note. (i currently have a note on the cart page but would like to move this to the check-out page)  


My assumption is this job would be pretty quick, i'd also like to know if there is a way to make the checkout process with paypal any smoother. Please contact me with examples/screenshots, and any projected costs to complete this project.



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Hi Chris,
Did you ever find a way to make that custom field mandatory?

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Same question here.

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The checkout page is set by Shopify, and I don't think they can be changed or edited. I'll let a Shopify employee respond, but I don't think it can happen. 

You can always add a note field in the cart page if you need something filled out.