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I got a phone call regarding our Shopify site. I had approached a Toronto based Shopify expert but had not heard from them for 2 days ever since. So I was not sure he is from this Toronto based company. The quality of the sound was pretty bad, but I was very sure he understood my question very well: Are you based in Canada? He said yes. Due to the poor quality of sound, I said I would call him back. But I did not because the phone number he gave me was out side of Canada.

He called me back and I explained to him I could not do business with someone who lied before we even started.

I used ODesk before (we have 4 sites) and hired someone from India to get a small job done. After $500+ cost he failed to fix the problem but created even more. And he kept claiming hours he put in which will cost us further.

I just want to share this experience with other companies. Just be careful.

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Hi Lily Lee, this is an unfortunate but common important lesson most entrepreneurs have to learn, get a contract and have the task well defined. When things aren't clear and payment is required in advance: use deposits or escrow.

These things are there to protect both sides and minimize risk.

As for phone numbers there are valid reasons to have a non local number, i use several services to lower international costs and to not have to give out my personal number. Be direct and ask them for thier local number this is a much better litmus test than connection quality.

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Hi Lily - thanks for pointing this out. There are, unfortunately, a number of firms claiming to be Shopify Experts or even Partners; these people aren't only making it hard for Shopify users, but real partners like us. It's certainly true that you get what you pay for in life - be careful out there folks.

Hit us up if you ever need a hand, Lily. We often won't even charge for simple solutions that require little time on our part - that's just what real 'experts/partners' do!


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I have used numerous freelance contractor platforms to source and employ developers for various CMS for 10 years plus. I have always tried to be polite, respectful of developer talents, submit my needs in great detail and clarity, and be readily available to answer any questions from the developer via e-mail or Skype during the coding if the developer is chosen. I have done bilingual tech support myself and know firsthand what it's like to deal with a customer that's an obnoxious jerk. Seeking developer support from among Shopify's own recommended "Experts" and from platforms like Upwork, however, I've been very unlucky. The first "Expert" from Shopify's own site spammed me with an email contract after I'd sent them one short query about their services, and no details about what I needed. They immediately tried to get me to pay about $1,900 in advance. When I drilled down with more questions they just kept sending me the same spammy email for $1,900. Complete idiots. Another "Expert" essentially said "we're too busy and important to support small business customers but we'll shove you off to this other guy that'll charge you $50 per question or $600 for three months of locked in minimum support". More stupidity. The contractor from Upwork submitted a ridiculously lowball estimate and said they'd do my site upgrades for only $250. When I drilled down with commone sense questions about what the $250 entailed they suddenly flipped, told me they could not do it, and to "go to Europe or Asia" (whatever that means) to find a developer, because the $250 would have to be considerably increased. Hope my luck changes but so far, Shopify developers seem to bring out the worst in the developer community.            

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I'm a Shopify partner and feel shock with some post report like this as Kenneth mentioned. In our team, we have been developing over Shopify for couple of years now and finally become Shopify's Partners after huge effort. We crazily had to lower price sometimes to get customers because customer bugging us just want to get cheapest option available. 

Meanwhile some legit agency fighting for living, other bad guys not only destroy our reputation as Shopify Partner but also made a big trend of customers thinking " IT is dirt cheap". 

At least I can say, this does not only happen in Shopify but on all other platform like Wordpress, Woocommerce, Magento etc...

By the way, if anyone needed a hand on any issues with Shopify, honest and reasonable pricing, feel free drop me a message. I also dont even charge on some small edits over the site ( you just need to give us feedback to our Shopify profile ). 



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Hi @Lily @Kenneth


Its so unfortunate that you guys have experienced this. I have been working since 2006 on Shopify and other ecommerce platforms and have felt that there are really some Developers who do fraud with genuine guys like you. Due to that, Clients looses faith in even some good and genuine developers just like me and some above mentioned guys. 

Well, i hope you guys dont experience any such thing in future. Feel free to contact me if you have any requirement on Shopify or any other ecommerce platforms. Have been working since 2006 and can give you a detailed estimate everytime you have a requirements. Wont even charge if there are small updates. Thats what real Shopify Developers do to gain trust and maintain positive working relationship with clients. 


Lets work together and promote Shopify.


Tom J