[FILLED] Any "account manager" types out there for hire?

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Hi everyone,

The company I work for, V3 (http://v3corporation.com) has one Shopify store (it's actually for our client). I have completely managed it from coding the theme (with a bit of javascript help from Caroline back when she was for hire) to keeping products up to date.

I'm currently the only coder in-house and am leaving my company to pursue another opportunity. I work for a printing company so our people here are not very tech-savvy and also very busy managing print operations. So I'm looking for someone that charges hourly to occasionally manage the store. For example, adding/removing products, minor theme tweaks, et cetera. No major retheming although you never know what would come up in the future.

Yes, I know managing a Shopify store is easy. Just trust me, these people need someone they can just email or call and it will happen very quickly.

You may go months without hearing from anybody. They pretty much have the mentality of "set it and forget it." But, I want to have someone ready and waiting in the wings for when they will inevitably need help.

Also be aware that I really cheated when I coded the theme, linking directly to the collections URLs instead of being smart about it with liquid. So adding/removing categories will also require minor theme tweaks. But I've only had to do this once in the last year, so I don't think it's that big of a deal except for the fact that my (lack of) liquid prowess is laid bare to whoever takes over.

If you're interested, email your info and rate to me at ryan.kirk@v3corporation.com . The site is located at http://www.sldsecurities.com


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