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G'day folks,

We run and do a lot of work with daily deal sites. We've got a small job and wanted some help from the community:

*We partner with up to 10 different deal sites each week and each site has it's own unique product which it markets.

*We receive a series of unique voucher codes from these deal sites (from 10 to 2,000) - they equate to 100% of the value of the product on our site. Which means consumers can come to our website - add that product to cart and apply the voucher code. Assuming they added nothing else to the cart - the value owing (post voucher application) would be nil (o).

*Each voucher code has an expiry date associated with it AND each voucher code is a one time use code.

*The voucher codes are on a .csv file

*We need to automate the process between receiving the .csv file and the codes being applied in Shopify. 

There is code that will take us 80% of the way there - you can find it on this string:

Looking forward to hearing back.


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