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Hi. I am a Norwegian webdesigner from (sorry for some bad english here)

I have developed my first shopify shop, and it is fun learning something new. But instead of spending hours on getting the hang of everything, I will try outsourcing some of the work on our Shopify shops.

I`m looking for a partner that can help us when developing our shops. We will design, and make the complete site in Dreamweaver. Then setup an account and upload all off our files. Then it is up to you to create the templates. We will give you all information needed, and thats why I have created this first shop, to learn the basics.

As a start and tryout,  I would like some modification on

On the collection and product templates, I would like to have "active" class on selected collection. I would also like breadcrumbs on both these templates.

On the product template we need selectboxes for product options, and a "previous" "next" product link. 

You do not have to think about the look of the changes, as I will fix this in the CSS later on. It is just to get the code needed in the right places.

I also suspect that the site will need some "code cleaning", and if you have suggestion for improvements, feel free to tell us.

So if this is interesting, just contact me here.

Sindre Gusdal 


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