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I am in need of a good shopify developer to work on the following address:

We need the following completed:


Shopping cart
There's a field for the user to input "notes" in the shopping cart section. The information that the user enters currently only appears in the admin system, and is not included in the email sent to the admin with the order details. I'd like the info from the "notes" field to appear in this email as well.
Checkout page 1:
Add a button that says "Is this a gift?" right below "Ship items to the above billing address". When they click on it, open a text field that says "Gift Message" directly above it. Include this gift message in the admin system and in the order confirmation email sent to SMG and to the client purchasing.
Checkout page 2:
When they pick "Sweet miss giving's delivery in Chicago City Limits", it should create a field below the shipping method option that says:
"On what date would you like your order delivered?"
and calendar they can click on (similar to how airline sites do it), and then have the current day and all previous days gray'd out. At noon each day, the following day also gets gray'd out.
- Have the delivery date be included in the email that is sent to SMG to fulfill the order, and in the admin system.
Catalog pages:
Take away the image wrap-around feature on the catalog pages, so the "add to basket" button and options stay in line with the rest of the text.
Figure out how to most effectively explain and execute the following parameters:
- Cupcakes, chocolates, and catering plates can't be shipped via UPS. They must be SMG delivery.
- Any order less than $25 can't be shipped via SMG delivery. (make it grayed out if it is)
That's all for the main edits!
In a separate estimate (we may nix this one if it's too complicated/costly):
Limit the "Sweet miss giving's delivery in Chicago City Limits" shipping option to actually only be available for addresses within the Chicago City Limits (grayed out if they didn't enter a Chicago zip code. Dana thinks all chicago zip codes are 606 something, so we may be able to use that to make it work). 
If this goes well, it will lead to more work in the future.
We have the budget ready, and would like to move forward as soon as possible. Please call me at 847-917-9590 or email me at to discuss.
Thank you,
Greg Spero

Shopify Staff (Retired)
Shopify Staff (Retired)
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Hi Greg!

Sorry to jump in your thread here, I just wanted to point out that some things in your list are simply not doable. Due to security and PCI compliance there is no mark-up or injection into page 1 or page 2 of your checkout. Any information you collect outside of what's available in these areas must happen on the cart page. The only thing that can be changed on the checkout pages is the look and feel through the use of a checkout.css file for some style over rides.

Thought I would throw that in there in case you needed to make some adjustments.

HTH! :::