Excuse me, May I know why we couldn't make Side menu take effect when I develop theme on local?

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Hi, guys, Mayday! I need your help! 🙂


When we develop theme on local, we can't make changes effect on side-bar/menu on real time, but modifies works fine on other modules, it's seems side-bar/menu still reading configures on somewhere, it's confuse us few days days.


Pls help! Thx!




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Hi @snow_xu 

  • Clear your browser to remove possible cache issues.
  • Make sure any asset routes are relative, i.e. files/configs are being loaded from the live site instead of local development environment. 
  • If the side-menu/drawer is a javascript template make sure you are editing the correct file or that is is loaded in from proper location.
  • Keep and eye on the cli to make sure it is actually updating the files that are being changed.


Beyond that you will need to be much better in the description of the problem as others cannot see what you are working on.

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Thank u for ur reply, but seems it's didn't works for us... may I know is it possible cause by other issue?