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Is there any way to use localised URLs with App Proxy?


For an instance, a store with multiple active locale will have;


https://abc.myshopify.com/products/handle (default)

https://abc.myshopify.com/fr-CA/products/handle (fr-CA)


However, for an App Proxy, the same isn't working;


https://abc.myshopify.com/tools/my-app (working)

https://abc.myshopify.com/fr-CA/tools/my-app (not working)


Is there anyway to render locale specific data within App Proxy liquid files? Currently, request.locale is always returning shop's primary locale within App Proxy.


Looking forward to a solution 🙂


Thank you.

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Hey @SBD_ 

Thanks for the work on this!

Can you explain the language field format? Why is it "es, en;q=0.5" for spanish? I mean what is the "en" doing there? Why it is not "es" or even "es-ES" which is ideal (meaning with the country code)?



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Found a major issue with this localization feature. 

When you have multilingual store with say "fr" & "es" with "es" being your primary language and you are currently on "fr" language with URL "domain.com/fr". When you navigate to a page created through app proxy, shopify locale changes to primary language "es" instead of staying "fr".

This seems to be a bug in Shopify navigation as app proxy pages are dependent on "accept-language" request header which is reverting back to primary language "es" instead of staying "fr".

Because of this language reset, apps fail to show content in proper language. This reset happens before even hitting app so we can't do anything about it and we are solemnly acting based on what we receive in "accept-language" header. This happens only when you are navigating from other page to app proxy page. When you change language on app proxy page, it works as expected.