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With specific reference to this:

I have a Shopify App that now I want to embed some theme app extensions. So I try the CLI command shopify login which fires up a browser window, asking me to authenticate. I do, and the browser tells me Great! You're in, and you can close this window now. So I do, as I am used to this pattern from other services.

However, the CLI responds with a cryptic message.

An unexpected error occurred on Shopify.
It doesn't appear that you're logged in. You must log into a partner organization or a store staff account.

So that is kinda interesting. Since this CLI App is needed to setup theme extensions, and I cannot login, what am I supposed to do? What is up with this system Shopify? I am using version 2.6.6 of the Shopify CLI codes.

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Hello @HunkyBill ,

We are trying to create a theme app extension. For that, we have installed Shopify CLI or our shared hosting / live server.
When I run "Shopify login" it gives me the URL to run on the browser.


After visiting this URL it shows up my Shopify accounts but when I select the account we land on an URL starting from ""
and we get this issue.


This issue only occurs when I do this from my shared hosting, However, I have Shopify CLI in my windows 10, and when I do this for the local environment. It works like a charm. Kindly help me to solve this so that I can take up the Shopify CLI on the server.