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Add auto-delivery rate with real time conditions

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Hi all,

My site has local delivery. I would like to add a 'Night Delivery' fee based on real time. Eg, 8-10pm, 'Night Delivery' fee would automatically appear in the shipping page option.'

Anyone has this done before or something similar to this? Please advised!



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Hey @Vincinerate,

This is possible using Intuitive Shipping using a 'Time' Condition. You would want the Scenario to have a Condition based on Time > Greater than or equals > 20:00, and then add another Condition to the same Scenario based on Time > Less than or equals > 22:00. In the Scenario, you would define how shipping is calculated and assuming the customer checks out between those hours, this rate will appear. You can learn more about Shipping Scenarios & Conditions here

You will need to create your entire shipping strategy in the app, which our team is happy to assist you with. You can book a call or reach out to 


Warm regards,

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