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Advice or Reviews on Chinese Fulfilment Companies

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Hey everyone!

Apologies if this question has been answered previously.

I'm looking to get a large number of samples from different Chinese based companies sent to Australia. To save money on shipping, I'm planning on using a fulfilment centre located in China that can receive all the samples, package them all together and then ship it to Australia.

I've found a number online but would love to hear from anyone that has actually used a service like this and any good or bad experiences you might have had


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Happen to know one company that provide the service exactly you need




Collect samples from many suppliers in China. Combine all parcels into one shipment and ship from China to you

Get a real Chinese address in China. Buying everything in China yourself easily.

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We tried like 3 fulfillment companies in China and all failed. The problem is not with the fulfillment company but rather the shipping services. We lost close to $15k in one year due to disputes and lost packages. Services like China Post, ETL, etc have like 5 weeks delivery time and very bad tracking. We finally found a company called and we are extremely happy with them. They use DHL Express (3-day shipping) and prices comparable (if not cheaper) than China Post. Give them a try. 

Good luck