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Any suggestions for US fulfillment centres

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Hi - I'm looking for suggestions for any good US fulfillment centres. I currently use one company however I am having huge issues with them as they are making multiple errors in shipping and costing me a lot of money in postage. My business sells headwear and my current fulfillment centre often charge me $30+ to send out a cap to a customer as for some reason they scan the dims of my product incorrectly and place them in very large boxes!!


This has been going on way too long so I'm currently looking for another service provide. If anyone has tried and tested a company and they are good to work with then i'd love to hear about them.


Thanks in advance




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I've been using Amazon FBA to fulfill Shopify orders for about 5 years, it works like charm, reliable, and cost effective.


Here's how I automate that process:

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Hi Annie,

Shoot me an email at We run a fulfillment center that is fully transparent and has an OMS on your side to allow you to see product dimensions so that won't happen!

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We are in the same boat. After thousands of dollars in loss and multiple error we found that best setup is the following, 


US orders: ship them via FBA (Amazon), you can automatically connect your shopify site to the inventory over in Amazon. 

International orders: we use they filter the orders addresses to include international only from shopify and they use DHL express(3-day shipping). Believe it or not, it is cheaper sometime to ship international with them than locally in the US. Their rates are amazing. 


Good Luck

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Deliverr Fulfillment Service is a great alternative to Amazon FBA. Since we couldn't connect Amazon FBA to Shopify (, we switched to Deliverr. They have Amazon-like pricing, almost the same shipping speeds and very responsive support. We are glad we found them and recommend to anyone looking for a great US fulfillment center.