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First time post so apologies if its in the wrong group.

My custom App is basically a Fulfilment service App responsible for polling orders and products and sending back stock quantities and tracking references.

My question relates to how to identify what sort of enquiry a customer may send my app.

In my app set up I have my App URL set to:-

I also have Preferences URL set to:-

And I have the following URLS in Allowed redirection URL(s)

Installation of the App works fine as it used the install.php as its first point of call and then once the customer had agreed to install it, Shopify redirects them to generate_token.php where all the stuff is checked and updated. So I am happy with all of that.

But on my development website and I am sure its the same on a customers web site, you can view the new location set up by the App when its installed and this location is clickable.

At the moment clicking on this box seems to direct the customer to install.php which is also fine but how does the App know that the request has originated by the customer clicking on the Location box.

What was happening was that when this box was clicked, the app tried to reinstall itself and failed miserably. I have now fixed this issue by checking the install status of the customer but what should happens when the customer clicks on the Location box or any other actionable link for that matter.

If I knew how to identify from where the the request came, I can configure install.php to cater for all requests.

I hope this makes sense to some one as I am sure someone must have com across this potential issue.

Many Thanks in Advance




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