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Apple Pay fails after succesful face-id

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Hi all. We have launched 4 stores this month here in Europe, and we are experiencing the same problem on all 4 stores - we can't complete the payment process using Apple Pay as Apple Pay reports a "Try Again" and red exclamation point immediately after double clicking the side button and performing a successful face-id. 


I have attached 3 screen shots to illustrate from our store. First image shows the chosen product and the Apple Pay button, second image shows the moment right before double pressing the side button, and the last photo shows the red exclamation point which appears right after the phone has completed the face-id. For a split second it says "Try Again" in red as well right above the exclamation point, but I didn't catch that on the screen shot. To be clear, the issue is not face-id,  face-id is successful on every attempt - 5 different users have tested this on their own iPhones - all with fully working face-id for all other uses than paying on our stores.


I have reached out to Stripe, our payment provider, and they have checked all on their end and says the service runs just fine.


Thanks for any help in advance.



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Hello @Csorensen  I have the same problem on my website using apple pay with stripe. Did you succeed to make it work?



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Hey, any fix for this?? Its a real problem and lots of people having the same issue. Shopify not helping

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Anyone have any luck fixing this issue?