Are there additional fees for using third-party payment providers on Shopify?

Are there additional fees for using third-party payment providers on Shopify?

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Hello All, 


Would like to clarify some statements i've seen across Shopify website in regards Payment Providers. Either i'm misinterpreting or the information seems to be contradictory. 


In a place i've seen described specific fees if we choose to use third-party payment providers. 



In another place, i see there are no fees to integrate a payment gateway. My interpretation is that a payment gateway is a third-party payment provider. Example: Paypal. 


If i use by example Paypal, my expectation is that i would have no additional fees from Shopify, as it's not Shopify taking the responsibility of the payment transaction. And therefore the fee would only apply to the third party payment provider. If there are fees everywhere, what's the point in having a transaction that shoppify will charge and then the payment provider will also charge? 


Can someone clarify this point?



Thank you

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Hey JTR7,


If you're using ONLY PayPal to accept payments, then you would be charged a processing fee by PayPal + a "transaction" fee from Shopify (varies, depending on which Shopify plan you're on). 


If you're offering BOTH PayPal & Shopify Payments to your customers, you wouldn't be charged Shopify's "transaction" fee for orders that go through PayPal. As long as Shopify Payments is enabled, there are no "transaction" fees for orders that go through 3rd-party payment gateways. 


Hope this helps clarify things for you! 🙂




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