Are you experiencing issues buying shipping labels on Shopify post UPS switch?

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Is anyone unable to purchase shipping labels through shopify since they switched to UPS? I've been trying for 3 days and no luck. Shopify is not helpful and insists there's no issue. Once I provide a screenshot to prove there's an issue, I'm ghosted... the closest I got was them telling me to contact UPS myself. Apparently they don't do that even though it's set up through shopify, this is not my personal account. I find it very odd that shopify won't look into the issue and is asking me to contact their service providers... Is it common for businesses to set up their own shipping accounts and not rely on shopify for this? 

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Hello @FML ,


In an ideal scenario, this situation should not arise. Purchasing a label in Shopify is a straightforward process, and there is usually no need to reach out to UPS because Shopify utilizes its own UPS account for shipping processing.


Maintaining a direct carrier account is a wise practice, especially as your business expands. Most major carriers provide discounts for small and medium-sized business owners. By having your own carrier account, you can directly access the UPS website to generate shipping labels. As your business grows, you can also consider using an app that seamlessly integrates your UPS account with Shopify, automating the label creation process.

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