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Let me throw my hat in the ring to urge Shopify to add the ability to assign specific packages to specific products. PLEASE, the extra shipping charges we're incurring due to miscalculated shipping charges are eating at our profit.


Thank you!

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Hi @veryventura,

I'm not sure when this feature would be available in Shopify shipping. But, if you are open to using an app for this, the Multi Carrier Shipping Label app would solve your problems. With the box packing method in the app, you can set up different packages for your products based on the weight & dimensions.

So, whenever your customer places an order, the app automatically chooses the right box and calculates the accurate carrier calculated rates accordingly relieving you from being overcharged.

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Hey @veryventura

This is Finley from the Social Care team at Shopify. I understand that it would be ideal to assign specific packages to specific products. What I can do is add your name to the list for this feature request. Our development team will use these requests to see which features are most required to be built into the platform. I've sent you an email to your Shopify Community email address. You can respond to that email and I can add your name to the request.

In the meantime, if you're offering Shopify Shipping's calculated rates at the checkout, the amount that your customers pay for shipping will be determined by the weight of your product(s), the dimensional weight of your default package, and the shipping carrier selected.

You can update the dimensional weight under your Shopify Admin > Settings > Shipping and delivery > Packages > Saved packages and then click Edit beside the package with the Default label.

However, if you've already adjusted the default package to the best size and weight you can, there are a couple of other options you can look into:

1) You can add a handling fee to mark up the calculated shipping rate to help cover additional costs. You can mark the shipping rate up by a percentage of the total shipping rate, or with an additional fee. Your customer would see this as one unified shipping rate when they reach the shipping page of the checkout.

You can edit this handling fee by going to your Shopify Admin > Settings > Shipping and delivery. From there, click Manage rates next to the shipping profile you'd like to edit. Click the "..." next to the rate you'd like to adjust and then click Edit rate.

You'll see the Handling fee section where you can adjust it like so:



Make sure to save your changes, and you'll be good to go.

2) Apps from the Shopify App Store allow you to have more flexibility outside of the one default package. A couple of apps on the Shopify app store that you can have a look at, alongside the app mentioned in the post above are:

Thank you for your understanding. If you have any questions for me, please do let me know.

Finley | Social Care @ Shopify 
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I have to add to this thread. As someone who has tons of sales outside of a website, I was hoping that creating this shop would make it so much easier for me to manage and of course attract more business. 

the experience with Shopify, has been frankly, horrific. Every single thing that I need to have a decently functional site, is an add-on and additional cost. 

I have two major pain points. 

1.  Small business’ CANNOT lose money on shipping. The fact that I can create packages, and add weights to a product but not COMBINE the two, in order to get accurate shipping Quotes is absurd. So, we’ll lose money or we’ll lose clients because the shipping costs are too high. I will not pay another $5-10 for an app in order to have a basic function of saving the dimensions of the product so it can be automatically calculated for ACCURATE costs. 

2. variants / choices - I have now PAID other apps to help make this more feasible but it’s still a lost cause. 

tried finding a number to speak to someone with Shopify to talk through everything, and that’s impossible. So I’m about to cancel the Shopify before I even get it all going because I’ve spent too much time trying to take care of it basic web functions and losing tike to create the 100s of products I already have orders for. 

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Hey @Danekrazedecor!

Thank you for your feedback. I'm sorry to hear that this has been a point of frustration for you. I can understand the need to have certain features without using an app. Assigning a specific box size to a product must currently be done with a third-party app. Though I can't guarantee that this feature will be available right away, I have submitted your feedback. It's important to hear these requests so they can be considered for future feature updates.

We'd be happy to talk through the points you've mentioned. You can reach our team through the Contact Support section of Help Center. You can log into your Shopify account, search for a topic, and then scroll past the suggested guides, where you'll see the option to contact our support team. Here's a video to show you these steps: (

Alternatively, I am happy to address your point about variants/ choices here if you'd like. What exactly is the issue you're having? Thanks!

Finley | Social Care @ Shopify 
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From what I can tell, people have been asking for these features for about two years. I am wondering why it is taking someone like Shopify to add the basic functionality to there feature set. I would think that in order to keep customers here, they would listen and make the needed changes in order to keep clients. 

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Please add me to the list of customers that would like to see this feature. Attempting to get the most precise shipping costs for customers is important to business owners, and its crazy that this isn't a feature already in Shopify.

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I'd also like to support this feature. Seems like it would be very basic and has been requested for years.

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Please also add me to the list of those that NEED this feature. We just launched our website and didn't realize our shipping would be so completely off. I agree with others who say this is something Shopify should offer. Small businesses simply can't operate this way and it's not fair to make us pay for a plugin for something that should be offered by default.

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Please add me to this request list! I'm sure the list of people wanting this option to be standard in Shopify is VERY LONG. Having one default package doesn't make any sense! You'd either be losing money on shipping or charging too much which would scare customers away! AND I'd like to be able to add USPS Media Mail option for orders containing books only but if you try to create a shipping profile for it, orders containing books and other products end up being double charged for shipping. I'm not very happy about having to pay for another app $10/month just to have this option, especially for a business just starting out. Let us choose which packaging would apply to products and customize which shipping options would apply to certain products. PLEASE MAKE THIS A STANDARD OPTION SHOPIFY!!!