Can a minor use a UTR number for Shopify Payments in the UK?

Can a minor use a UTR number for Shopify Payments in the UK?

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I have setup my shop and everything is ready but I have found that Shopify is asking for my ID. After pre-emptive research, I have found that I need to be 18 to use the services. I asked my parents and brother (he is >18) to manage the business in my name but they are wary about taxes. I have a UTR/tax identification number as I am a sole trader business in the UK. Would I be able to use this in place of my parents'/brother's national insurance number? Would my sales still affect their taxes? Is there anything - absolutely anything - we need to know about in terms of taxes/fees/payments/effects on personal finance?




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Hi, @asherai_co.


Thanks for reaching out about this. As you may have found, all Shopify Account Owners must be the age of majority in their jurisdiction, which is over 18 years of age for most countries.


So while we want to support youth entrepreneurship on our platform, we also need to ensure that we're in compliance with applicable laws. We have a specialized team internally that can help us with cases like these — so if you haven't already done so, your next step here is to contact our internal support team so that we can review your account and provide you with the most appropriate assistance.


To get in touch with our support team, you'll need to navigate to our Help Center here. Type contact support in the chat box, and follow the prompts given by the virtual chat assistant in order to see the option to connect with a live support team member. You'll then be able to speak with an internal team member, who will assist you further with your case.


Just a note though, that while our team can review your account and provide you with your next steps with it, we aren't equipped to give advice in regards to your taxes and finance, and how this should be handled for your business. Each region will have their own rules and regulations for taxes, so because of this and due to the fact that tax laws can often change, you'll need to consult with a local accountant or tax authority so that they can help you with your tax and finance-specific queries. They'll also be able to ensure that you're filing and remitting the taxes for your business correctly.

Kimi | Social Care @ Shopify 
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