Can anyone recommend an app for rule-based back-end fulfillment routing?

Can anyone recommend an app for rule-based back-end fulfillment routing?

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Dear Friends, I am looking for an app that can help me route back-end fulfillment based on certain rules i.e., if there is one unit order it goes to warehouse X, if there is two unit order including a certain type of unit, it goes to warehouse B and so on. Does anyone know of such an app or has implemented something like this? If so, please give me a ping. I would love to chat and pick your brain on it. 




Thank you!


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Order Automator can do stuff like this.


For example, if you want line item(s) to change location based on the quantity, it can do that.


Or if you have a fulfillment service hooked up and you want those line items to trigger a fulfillment request to a certain warehouse, it can do that.


If you want certain warehouses or suppliers to get notified when an order contains their order, it can do that.


Your situation might need a customization, but I can help you with that, I'm the lead developer of the app 🙂


Just send a message to with the details of what you want the app to do and ask for Joe, I'll take care of you.

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Hi @AishaCee, Duoplane would be an app that could do just that! I'm open to having a chat to share more if you'd like!


Duoplane is an order routing/order management app, it is highly customizable for each vendor/supplier/3pl warehouse that you have. It also has inventory syncing and shipment feed capabilities. Best of all, the customer support is excellent, and you can get a free trial before making any commitment. Do your research to see what best suits your needs. Don't just take my word for it - check out Duoplane on the Shopify app store and read the reviews.