Can anyone recommend reliable shipping companies for international deliveries?

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Hi, My name is Tinisa. I am really hoping somebody can help me out. Does anyone know any shipping companies that can help me when me. I am trying to ship from mexico to the usa and other countries and I tried contacting DHL and they are not getting back to me. Does anyone know any other companies that can help me? Maybe a smaller business that's popular with shopify or something? 

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UPS is a great option for shipping to Mexico because they have a large network in the US and Mexico.


For the future: I think a good piece of advice here is to consider using a couple of different carriers if you can – this can help you to avoid disruptions if one carrier isn't performing. Take a look at apps like Starshipit to use multiple carriers with Shopify 🙂 Just an idea!

Your local shipping consultant @ Starshipit

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Hi Tinisa, you might want to try FedEx or UPS for shipping from Mexico to the USA and other countries. Both are reputable companies with extensive international shipping services.  Additionally, you can explore options like ShipBob or ShipStation, which integrate with Shopify and offer shipping solutions for e-commerce businesses, including international shipping. Good luck!