Can discount codes be restricted to specific shipping locations?

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Is there a way to limit a discount code to a specific shipping location? So if you use the relevant discount code you can only ship to one location.  

I'm trying to think of the best way to do this-- it needs to be fairly granular. We want to run a discount for customers who collect from one of our retail locations. 


I even thought about writing a script to alert the customer if they select an invalid location by checking the shipping location against the discount code, but neither the discount code nor the shipping location are surfaced pre-checkout (i.e. in the basket) so I can't do that.

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This would be really good to know if it is possible. i.e. if we wanted a location for tradespersons to benefit from collecting the same web products but at a discounted price then would this be possible. We'd use Shopify POS for sales at this location whereas web sales would go through as normal on our main website. Is this a thing?